Problems solving the "Ticket: Projections" lab

I was trying to solve the “Ticket: Projection” lab in Chapter 1, but I couldn’t make the tests pass.
After trying all sorts of code combinations, I opened the db in my shell and searched for the data the tests were expecting. But I couldn’t find it…
Are my queries wrong, am i using the wrong db or collection?
Or could there be a problem with the data/tests?

Here is what I tried:

(The tests expect the last to queries to return some documents)


Hi Yuval,

your results can be confusing indeed but there is a substantial difference between what you’re doing and what you think you’re doing:

try this
{countries: "Kosovo"}
and see what happen.

With the query you’re using you’re asking for the exact array, but you don’t need it. To complete the ticket you should use one of the query selector

Look in the list and remember you’re working with arrays.

Hope i’ve been of some help,