Problems installing requirements for Chapter 4

When bringing up Virtual Machine getting the following error

m1: + sudo pip install psutil
m1: Downloading/unpacking psutil
m1: Cannot fetch index base URL
m1: Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement psutil
m1: Cleaning up…
m1: No distributions at all found for psutil
m1: Storing debug log for failure in /root/.pip/pip.log

and also

H:\Education\MongoDB\M312 Diagnostics and Debugging\Chapter 4\nodes-vagrant-env>vagrant ssh
This command requires a specific VM name to target in a multi-VM environment.

please advise.

Thank you,

Can you reach this url?

Are yu connected to any VPN
May be firewall/proxy issue preventing download
What does vagrant status show
For second error you can pass hostname of the box you are trying to ssh

vagrant ssh hostname