Problem with visiting /staus subpage


When solving the “Ticket: Database Connection” task, I have a problem entering http://localhost:5000/status page to which the link is provided in the content of the task. Entering the page results in 404.

The solution for this is to go to the main page http://localhost:5000/ and click “status” button in the top right corner.

If you have an idea why I can’t just go to /status without visiting the main page, please share.



Actually there is no network call when clicking on the button. This means that the URL /status is valid only inside the react’s router component of the UI.


Thanks, I was on the way to give up. This helped a lot

It is strange because the instruction said nothing about going through the main page. There was some exception in the console which make me wonder if I have missed some step; though there wasn’t that many step so far to explain anything. I think they should have mentioned it in the ticket.

Anyway I missed the deadline for submission. Thank for the info though.