Problem with the updateUserPreferences

Good night,
I’m trying to complet the Ticket “user preferences”. In the “updateUserPreferences” method of the UserDao, I’m setting the preferences (with the SetPreferences), and print it with system.out.println without problems, then I return true, but the test testUpdateSinglePreferences(), is not working, i do the same after retriving the user, i get the preferences, and the print for the user is null… i don’t know what can be happening. Thank you

please refer to the old discussion on this.

I’m reading in old discussion but I cannot find tracks… can you pass me a link of some of the forum threads that clarify the thing?

Thank you for the link, with that and some adaptation of the code I pass the UserPreferencesTest, but I still don’t get the Status ticket ¿?

Finally I got it… I had a mistake in the createUserSession() method. Thanks a lot!

What was the issue , because i am still getting error while getting the validation code.
Although i am checking for existing user before creating a session

ok I found that i had issue with addUser where i was not check for exiting user before inserting new one.