Problem with mongorestore: too many positional arguments - SOLVED

I need a little help getting the mongorestore command working.
I’m getting the error: too many positional arguments

My command looks the same as in the readme.rst and what others have posted in this forum.

steve-mac01:mflix-python steve$ mongorestore --drop –-gzip --uri “mongodb+srv://” data
2019-01-10T08:39:34.539-0800 too many positional arguments
2019-01-10T08:39:34.539-0800 try ‘mongorestore --help’ for more information
steve-mac01:mflix-python steve$

Thanks for any help provided.

Does your command written on 2 lines like shown above?

It is supposed to be all on a single line.

It’s 1 line, it word-wrapped in this post.

I initially copy/pasted the cmd into the terminal.
I decided to type it out and it worked, so it was something to do with copy/paste.

Thanks. It is good to know.