Problem with IP

Hi Everyone,

Anyone who is having trouble with initiating a Replica set or Labs after that and seeing error like this:

   Failed to connect to, in(checking socket for error after poll), reason: Connection refused

We are in process of finding a permanent solution and incorporating to the Labs too. Meanwhile, please follow the below given solution:

Edit your /etc/hosts file in vagrant and change to m103

Instead of changing the IP address in the file manually, you may also re-provision your vagrant using below commands:

vagrant@mXXX:~ exit
mXXX-vagrant-env$ vagrant halt
mXXX-vagrant-env$ vagrant up --provision



Yeah, same problem here.
Not sure where it came from.
It can be deleted/removed from the /etc/hosts file though but you need to sudo su - to take it off.

Above solution dint help me.

Got it use 192.168.301.100 on mac.