Problem with connection to aggregation data base

Hi everyone,
can someone help me with the connection to the aggregation database? I can’t connect to it through OS console, compass, studio 3t. MongoDB Service is working. I have followed the settings to connect:

check if you have set up network access.

Login to your MongoDB Atlas account, head to your organizations, and open your project. The security section on the left has “Network Access”.

Click ADD IP ADDRESS and select ADD CURRENT IP ADDRESS or ALLOW ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE. Wait until it is applied and you should be good to go.

Allowing access from anywhere is tempting but then do not forget to also add security from “Database Access” link

I don’t have access to the project. I want to connect to the sample database project from M121: The MongoDB Aggregation Framework course. I already tried the ping cluster (it works well), and my port is open too, but I still can’t connect to the cluster. Maybe someone has any ideas, about what I can try more?

I didn’t check that connection string and assumed you try to connect to your own project. sorry about that.

The lecture in Capter 0, “Lecture: Atlas Requirement” has the complete console command you can directly use.

To use in Compass, first, extract the connection string between double quotes and paste it to the box, then select “Fill in connection fields individually” select “username/password” in authentication, fill in the authentication fields and then connect.

I don’t know how Studio 3t works, but should be similar to Compass. check the authentication tab if they are correct.

The connection string is in Step 1 of M121: Frequently Asked Questions on The MongoDB Aggregation Framework course

I noticed your connection string is missing “&tls=true” or “–tls”

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