Problem on the first question

I am working on the Lab: " Creating First Application User".

For the first part:

Connect to a mongod instance that is already running in the background on port 27000 . You can find the options used to launch mongod in the configuration file in your file editor.

I already tried a number of different ways to connect, but nothing works.
I am obviously missing something. It may be easy … but how can we connect?

Hi @Michel_Bouchet

would you add what command are you running?

Use mongo --port 27000 or it will try to connect to 27017

Well I tried several, first using the mongod command (with port 27000 ). Then I thought I should use mongo instead in this situation, because mongod is already running and mongo is probably what I need here. But in all cases it failed. …

I just retried a new one:

mongo -u m103-dmin -p m103-pass --port 27000 --authenticationDatabase admin

It looks like it is now finally working.

Thanks a lot for you reply.

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