Problem in ticket M220J

Hello everyone, I believe you have found a bug in Ticket: Text Search and Subfield
I apologize if I am wrong and have implemented it wrong, I have spent so many hours trying to solve this problem.
Well, when implementing my code I did the following operation to find movies by genre
const query = {genres: { $in: searchGenre}}
I tested at Atlas and Compass, and my answer was correct, returning the correct number of documents.
I purposely failed to see what the answer is, and it is the same as my implementation, I don’t want my points back, I just want it to be reviewed in the future so that other people don’t spend hours like I spent trying to solve something that was right.

You have a space between $ and in. You most likely have a syntax error running this code. But may be the extra space was simply added when you cut-n-pasted your code.

it was a typo, it wasn’t meant to be there, thanks