Problem in Opening IDE

The Integrated Development Environment is not compatible with small screen devices. To use the IDE, please launch on a larger screen or increase your browser size.

Here is the screenshot:

I have tried increasing my browser height up to 1000px using inspect but it makes no difference. I did refer to an earlier discussion on the same issue, it didn’t help as well. Please help!

Hello @Akshat_Surana ,

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Kindly refer to this forum thread: Can’t open the IDE

I hope it will help you to solve your problem. Thanks

I saw that and resized the window but it didn’t help.

Maybe try to use zoom set it at 80% to 90% or using F11 for full screen mode etc. Hope this will resolve your issue. Thanks

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Thanks for the tip. The full-screen mode helped me to solve the problem!
However, I am stuck in another problem. :slight_smile:

We are all here to help each other. What is your other problem? Tell us.

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In Chapter 2, lecture Find Command when I connect through admin and use the command show dbs, it gives the following error message:

uncaught exception: Error: listDatabases failed:{
“ok” : 0,
“errmsg” : “user is not allowed to do action [listDatabases] on [admin.]”,
“code” : 8000,
“codeName” : “AtlasError”
} :

I have also tried whitelisting my own IP along with but the result is same.

It means the user does not have privileges on admin db
What command you used to connect to the mongodb
As which user and what privs does this user have

The one which we always use/ which we were taught. Using the connection string in the connection method.
I tried connecting from the user which we created, the mongo-student one.

Show us the user details from Atlas

What details exactly? :sweat_smile:
And how do I do that?

I was referring to the database access tab in Atlas which will show what user you created and its privileges

Anyway you can ignore that error and continue with your work.It will not block your work.You need additional privileges to stop that message on connect or for show dbs to work on admin DB

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