Problem in finishing the M001 course

I´m trying to finish de M001 course but acuse one Lab that I had not finished. It´s the Lab 1 from chapter 1. I did this lab but the course acuses that I didn´t What can I do about this?

This is my course overview.

Hi @Carlos_Augusto_Carbonar_Cintra,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community forums :sparkles:

We checked and found you just didn’t hit the Run Test button on your lab, we did it for you and here you go. Your M001 - MongoDB Basics PROOF OF COMPLETION.

Feel free to share this achievement on your Social handles tagging MongoDB.

We wish you All the Best for your future. :star2:

Kushagra Kesav

Hi Kushagra.

Thank you very much. Now I´m starting the nexts steps on MongoDB.



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