PrivateSrv connection string not present

According to mongodb atlas cluster api, the get request should return connection strings with the following property “privateSrv”, if : Atlas returns this parameter only if you created a network peering connection to this cluster.

I have created network peering between my AWS vpc and atlas mongodb created network container (VPC) On both sides the vpc connection shows Active/Available state. I have also upgraded to M10 dedicated cluster.

However the get request only returns “standard” and “standardSrv” connection strings in “connectionStrings” object.

Is there anything else I can do (any step I have forgotten to do)? Is there a way to make cluster aware of the peering? Without privateSrv connectionString the whole peering is useless.


Hi @Simon_Obetko.

AWS Atlas clusters use the same DNS for private and standard connections.

With GCP and Azure it is different.

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Perfect, tested this and works well even when I am using lambda joined into VPC (meaning without internet connection). Pretty nice solution. I was afraid that the DNS record would not be resolvable from lambda joined in VPC, but it seems to be working well.
Thanks for clearing things out.


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