Privacy of flexible sync


Using flexible sync- isn’t that a little weird that users have theoretical access to the entire database- unless filtered by a query on their device? I mean, it’s got advantages I guess for sharing data, but it sounds a bit hack-prone doesn’t it?
I mean, the entire database is accessible to the client side app, which define rules/queries for accessing the user-specific data. Am I missing something/?

Hi, permissions are defined on the server to define the access rules for the system (and any particular user). Please see here for more details:

The view of data being synced down is a function of (a) the user’s permissions and (b) the users’s subscriptions

If you have any other questions, please let me know.


Adding to the page Tyler mentioned, we also have a page in some of the SDK docs that goes into more details about how the combination of permissions and the Flexible Sync query determine what data can sync:

This page also has an example of what happens if you try to write data that doesn’t match the server-side permissions in App Services.

This page hasn’t made it to all of the SDKs yet, so apologies if you haven’t seen it in an SDK you’re working with.

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