Prisma ORM/ODM v3.10.0 adds support for embedded documents

Hey MongoDB community! I work at Prisma where we are building a new kind of ORM/ODM for the Node.js ecosystem (with a special focus on TypeScript).

Our MongoDB connector is currently running in Preview and today we released support for embedded documents, making it pretty much feature-complete — so from now on we are looking for feedback that helps us stabilize the connector and iron out that last rough edges before we release it for production.

Let me spare a few words on why a tool like Prisma would be useful when using MongoDB in a Node.js application.

In my opinion, the biggest benefit Prisma provides is that it enforces a schema for the data that you store in your MongoDB database. You declare this schema using an intuitive and human-readable modeling language that looks as follows:

model Product {
  id     String  @id
  name   String
  color  Color
  photos Photo[]

model Order {
  id              String   @id
  product         Product  @relation(fields: [productId], references: [id])
  productId       String   
  shippingAddress Address
  billingAddress  Address?

enum Color {

type Photo {
  height Int
  width  Int
  url    String

type Address {
  street String
  city   String
  zip    String

Once you have your schema in place, Prisma will generate a type-safe database client (called Prisma Client) for you that is aware of your schema and provides powerful queries that are tailored to your schema. If a certain query is not available in the native Prisma Client API, you can also fallback to using raw MongoDB queries that can still be sent via Prisma Client.

Here are a few example queries:

const newOrder = await prisma.order.create({
  data: {
    // Relation (via reference ID)
    product: { connect: { id: 'some-object-id' } },
    color: 'Red',
    // Embedded document
    shippingAddress: {
      street: '1084 Candycane Lane',
      city: 'Silverlake',
      zip: '84323',

const updatedOrder = await prisma.order.update({
  where: {
    id: 'some-object-id',
  data: {
    shippingAddress: {
      // Update just the zip field
      update: {
        zip: '41232',

You can find more API examples in our docs.

Notice that all query results, even the ones where you retrieve only a subset of fields or include a relation (via a reference or an embedded document) will be strongly typed if you are using TypeScript. This means you will never accidentally access a field that wasn’t actually retrieved from the DB because the TypeScript compiler won’t allow you to do this.

Prisma also provides full auto-completion for all of your queries (and naturally for accessing the data in your query results as well). This benefit comes even if you’re using plain JavaScript because modern code editors will still pick up Prisma Client’s generated types.

You can follow our Getting started guide or check out the ready-to-run MongoDB example (in the prisma/prisma-examples repo) to get started.

Prisma also works nicely with your existing MongoDB instance! We have an introspection feature (invoked via the prisma db pull command) that allows you to generate your Prisma models instead of typing them up manually, in short, the workflow to get started with your existing MongoDB looks as follows:

  1. npm install prisma to install the Prisma CLI
  2. npx prisma init to bootstrap your schema.prisma file
  3. Configure your DB connection in schema.prisma
  4. npx prisma db pull to introspect your MongoDB and generate Prisam models
  5. npx prisma generate to generate Prisma Client
  6. Import PrismaClient in your Node.js app and instantiate it like so: const prisma = new PrismaClient()
  7. You’re ready to send queries to your MongoDB

The Preview of the MongoDB connector has been seeing great adoption already and people really seem to like it so far :slight_smile:

If you are currently a MongoDB user, we would love to hear your opinions on what we’ve built! Feel free to share your feedback with me here in the community, find me in our public Slack community or directly drop your thoughts in the open #mongodb channel there.


Hello @Nikolas_Burk, Welcome to the MongoDB Community forum!

I just tried the Prisma just now to connect to MongoDB database and perform an insert and query on a single collection. I noted that the connection and querying works fine with a Standalone deployment - but the insert failed with an error. I Googled and found that with a replica-set the insert works fine; I tried that on an Atlas database and it did insert data without errors. :+1:

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Yeah. That’s :cool:. I appreciate this much more than Mongoose which seems strife with inconsistencies and gothcas. This appears to be kind of like references and populate from Mongoose, no?

I’m curious about how Prisma would work with the embedded subset pattern. So, instead of keeping a reference for all, we have a subset embedded. Case and point, a review is references a movie.

Each movie embeds the first 10 reviews directly for easy access, and then we use references to go beyond the 10.

Congrats! I used Prisma with Bun and Hono in a new project, and it all comes together really well. Keep up the great work!