Principle of Least Privilege is not getting validated

I have set the user using MongoDB Atlas as shown in the images below

This did not work either:

I have updated the .ini file to use the new user
MFLIX_DB_URI = mongodb+srv://mflixAppUsert:mflixAppPwd@

when I start the server and check the status page, I get the following error when trying to validate
“Principle of Least Privilege: It doesn’t appear you have configured the application user”

Any pointer as to where I might be going wrong would be greatly appreciated!

I see the username as mflixAppUsert in your string, can you try after correcting the username to mflixAppUser.

Its strange mongod did not throw an error. :thinking:


Hello Kanika,

Thank you for pointing it out! The validation worked once I fixed the typo in my srv string.

As you say it is weird that mongo didn’t throw an error, but at least it is working now.

Thank you,

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