Price of a paused Cluster

Atlas documentation says, “Atlas only charges paused clusters for storage. Atlas does not charge for any other services or data transfer on paused clusters.”

Well, could anyone in the community please help me in estimating the storage charges exclusively? I want to estimate the price of a cluster that is currently paused, but I haven’t found any references for this; please help:)


Hi @SwamyNaidu_Ch and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

It depends on the storage only. The exact price per hour is indicated when you try to pause a cluster:

This is an example for an M10 cluster on AWS eu-west-1 with storage size set to 20GB.

In my case here, the price is divided by 4.166 and instead of costing 70.13$/month is will now cost 17.28$/month approximately.

I have another M20 that also runs with 20GB storage space and in this case, I’m down from 0.22 => 0.024 again.


I hope this helps a bit.



Thanks @MaBeuLux88 this is exactly what I need

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