Previously had synchronization error, skipping update event

My realm schema requires Double for the “storeLatitude” property.

I used Compass to import many records from a JSON file. However, Compass assigned Int32 to all values of 0. Realm Sync would not import those documents.

“Detailed Error: could not convert MongoDB value to Realm payload for { table: StoresDB, path: storeLatitude }, value=0 : cannot transform int value for non-int property of type double”

I tried changing the property type to Double and the value to 0.1.

“Detailed Error: document with _id=B24D5052-2A7D-11E1-8527-0026B9796C45 in ns=‘foody22realm.StoresDB’ previously had synchronization error, skipping update event”

If a document has failed once, how to I get it to sync later after the value is fixed?

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I could do this knowing about this too.

The nuclear option is to remove your sync configuration and then add it back in.

Keep running into similar issues where a document was created with the wrong schema, I fix the schema but realm will forever ignore the document because of a previous failure to sync. How do we get around this without terminating and restarting sync.

I just ran into the same issue and fixed it by using replaceOne to replace the document with the same data in mongosh.
Hope this will help