Previous test status on http://localhost:5000/status/

I ran the test for “Ticket: Projection”
npm test -t projection
then npm start

I got the expected projection code the Lab and submitted, Which is correct.

Then I ran the test for " Ticket: Text and Subfield Search"
npm test -t text-subfield
6 tests were passed
then npm start

After that, opened “http://localhost:5000/status/” in browser to verify the code,

I see the same result of the previous test which is for Projection. Can someone help to resolve it?

I tried restart npm, rebooted my laptop. but still I’m seeing the same previous test projection code.

Already I lose 2 attempts to answer this lab.

You have to hit http://localhost:5000/status/ from the Status button of the home page at http://localhost:5000/.

I’m sorry, I did that also cleared all my browsing histories and tried, but no luck.


Try to put some print() statement to see the input values received during npm start to see if your query and projection is compatible with the type of data your receive.


I noticed that there is an error on npm start. Text and Subfield Search: Did not receive the proper response when searching by genre

We are getting there.

The following line from genreSearchQuery() supplied by the course material might help a little.

const searchGenre = Array.isArray(genre) ? genre : Array(genre)

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Thank you Steeve for your time in helping me. It is my mistake that I didn’t read the details given in the ticket properly.

With your help I resolved it. Thank you so much.

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