Pressure, pressure to make the Lab dates

The pressure to finish within the allowed time is too high for a person studying during stolen hours. Trying to code with limited education on for example match/project structures and mere references to the use of Split and Size commands made me (and others) falter twice on M121. Getting to the solution after guessing the answer to the lab, showed me that the course was not up to standard. I understood the solution given but in retrospect know I that I could not arrive there on the basis of the course content. I have failed M121 twice now because of running out of time and not meeting the lab deadline, and I am now giving up.
I am also studying Python and that is paced very differently (Python bootcamp). May be a better teaching model.

Hi @Arthur_48756,

Thanks for your feedback. Our purpose is to make our courses as soothing and challenging but not frustrating. We welcome your feedback.

If I understand you correctly, there are two different issues you have found with the course:

  1. Not enough time to finish the material within your “stolen hours”

I would like you to be able to complete the course. The fact that you are attempted it twice shows that you are committed to learn how the aggregation framework works, therefore I’m going to give you access to the ondemand courses, that is only available to our enterprise customers.
Would that be ok ?
Expect an email from me later today.

  1. You’ve found that there are a few expressions (e.j: $split and $size) that are necessary for the completion of some labs of Chapter 1 - $match and $project that were not covered in the lectures

M121 is a challenging course, and we want to foster the exploration of aggregation framework via the documentation and via course lectures. Your feedback suggests that this is perhaps way to challenging for a level 1 course. We are in the process of making a few changes to address this and other feedback. Thanks once again for it.

With ondemand access, you should be able to take the course at your own pace, no deadlines, with enough time to explore the labs and the presented solutions. Hopefully that will get you through the most important thing, getting you to become more comfortable with the aggregation framework and understand its full potential.


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Thank you, I would appreciate that.

My problem is not with the $split or $size not being covered. I understand their function.

The real problem was that it was not clear from the course that one may have intermingled $match and $project stages as was shown in the solution.

I spent days trying to do the lab with one $Match,$project or $Match,$Match,$project,$project stages.