Presentation etiquette

I find it highly annoying how the presenter interjects his fingers while I am trying to focus on the projected content.

Some of these gestures are pointless. Like ‘throwing’ a ‘hand sign’ to indicate int32 ( Documents: Scalar Value Types). ???. It is almost unwatchable.

Please use a stylus if you must indicate content on-screen.


Hi @Jo_49070,

Thanks for the feedback.

We try to make the lessons as dynamic as possible so you don’t have to spend a great deal of time facing a white screen or defusing your understanding by still images in the screen.
That said, adding hand gestures constantly might be a causing the confusion instead.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll be mindful for future videos.


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Same for me, it is very annoying I cannot concentrate. I cannot believe that slipped trough… I am using a 27 inch monitor with 2K resolution. so the hands get so big in my screen its just annoying. I can even see the level of details of the hand and finger nails due to the high resolution. At worst they could have put a girly well manicured hand facepalm