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So I am considering the Developers certification some time in the future, hopefully this year, but I have the following questions: -

  1. May I ask what is the current version of the MongoDB that we should be aiming for?

    I have just been through the whole M036 course (Which took a while) and was about to jump into M220JS again, then Performance and then Modelling. By the way, not having transcripts for that course, and writing notes from the subtitles sucked up a lot of time :slight_smile:

  2. How important is it to look at M040 and M042, since for instance M042 introduces transactions within MongoDB. I was considering dipping in this time to look at specific sections within these course, instead of trying to cover the whole thing. Any recommendations for sections from M040/042?

  3. And finally a cheeky question, are there ever any discount codes for the exams, during the Conferences?

Thanks for any answers.

Hi @NeilM,

Welcome to the Certification Forums,

The current version for the MongoDB DEV Certification exam is 4.4. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you due to transcripts. I will surely forward this as feedback to our Curriculum Team.

For the exact answer to this question, I will request to visit the given link below.

Topics for C100DEV: MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam?

In answer to this question, I will request you to mail our Certification team at

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