Practicing in IDE

I am trying to practice the quiz questions in the IDE, this type of coding is completely new to me i don’t have any background in this whatsoever.
Basically I’m totally lost. I’ve watched and rewatched the lectures and written notes on each one to try and gain a better understanding; however when i launch the IDE i have no idea what to do from there.
What i’ve done for other sections is actually write out step by step what to do; but going through my notes and the lectures I’m not seeing any how to’s unless I’m just not recognizing it.

Please be kind with your answers like i said i have zero experience in this field and i am trying to learn.

What issue are you facing in IDE?
You will see two screens in your IDE.The top one is editor area and bottom one is terminal
You have to run your commands in the terminal
Have you created your Sandbox cluster?
If yes you will get your connect string from Atlas account
Paste the the connect string in the terminal as below
mongo “your_connect_string” and then hit enter
You will be connected to the db you pass in your connection string
Once connected explore with simple commands like
show dbs
use db
show collections

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I thought i created he Sandbox cluster properly; but when i try to connect it defaults to the i do not have the shell installed side.

So i’m not even sure if the connect string is correct

What i need is step by step written instructions as to what I’m supposed to type exactly because i tried the simple commands like your suggested and i’m getting command not found.

I rewatched the lecture in Chapter 2 about importing and exporting data and i still don’t understand what i’m supposed to do and I’m getting really stressed out because i don’t want to just bypass this practice as it may be on the exam.

The commands i gave will work only when you are connected to your mongodb
Show us a screenshot of what you tried
What is your connect string?

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Hey @Ilona_Wiaktor,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums! :leaves:

Did you try the commands @Ramachandra_Tummala suggested you try? It would be great to post a screenshot of what you are doing so that we can help you better.

No need to get stressed out! This course is for absolute beginners only and trust me, by the time you complete the course, you’ll have a great level of confidence in MongoDB. I suggest you re-watch the following lectures/tutorials of Chapter 1:

  • Lab: Create and Deploy an Atlas Cluster
  • Atlas User Interface Overview
  • Lecture: Introducing the In-Browser IDE
  • Lab: Connect with your Atlas Cluster

The first two will help you get an understanding of the Atlas Cluster that needs to be created. The tutorial mentions all steps in a detailed manner. The lecture on In-Browser IDE will help you get used to the terminal and the lab will help you practice it again.

Additionally, I’m linking some more useful stuff to help you get started:

  1. Deploying Atlas Cluster
  2. Interactive tutorial to help you get familiarised with the terminal and various commands
  3. Getting started with MongoDB Basics blog
  4. FAQ section of this course

Let us know if these helped. Feel free to reach out for anything else well and trust me, there is nothing to be stressed about. :dizzy: