Possible typo in Lab 3 for Chapter 4?

I didn’t see this anywhere else so…

This question asks for queries that will return all routes with at least one stop. One such response is
db.routes.find({ “stops”: { “$lt”: 10 }}).pretty()

Using the command db.routes.find({“stops”:{"$gte":10}}).count() in Atlas, I get 0. In addition, running the command yields 66985 results, same as db.routes.find({“stops”:{"$gte":0}}).count() and db.routes.find().count(). Since it seems this contains all documents in the collection, it necessarily would include all routes with at least one stop.

The explanation given states that “There is no way to have less than zero stops for a flight, so this query yields zero results and asks for impossible information.” Is it possible the response is supposed to use 0 instead of 10, so that it would be db.routes.find({ “stops”: { “$lt”: 0 }}).pretty()?

The answer "stops" : { "$lt" : 10 } is not marked as a good answer in my version of the course. The reason given as to why it is not valid looks wrong. The query is still wrong as documents with stops:0 will be counted and documents with stops:{$gte:10} will not be counted.

The answer "stops" : { "$gte" : 10 } is not one of the answer choice in my version of the course.

The answer "stops" : { "$gte" : 0 } is marked as incorrect because if there were routes with 0 stops the result set would be invalid. May there is no such document at this point but may be in the future it will you still want your query to be valid.

All this being written the answers marked as correct answers are correct and the one marked as incorrect are indeed incorrect.

I can’t find any typos in the correct answers
please can you specify where the typo is?

Hi @Oduntan_Emmanuel,

Thanks for surfacing this. The explanation for this option does not match the query given in the options.
db.routes.find({ "stops": { "$lt": 10 }}).pretty()

We will update it. 10 should be 0 in this query.

I’m will also unlist this post in 24 hours since we are discussing detailed answer for a lab. Let me know if you have any other questions.

~ Shubham