Possible to use arrayFilters in the mongodb atlas data api?

is it possible to use arrayFilters in the Data API, currently? I am trying to alter a specific element in an array of nested objects with a specified date value.

I have the following body so far, but I can not find a place to put the arrayFilters. are they supported?

const homeId = "1a"
const requestDate = 1648771200000

const monthly_gas_bills = "houses." + homeId + ".monthly_gas_bills.$[elem]"

const body = {
dataSource: "POC-cluster",
        database: "MyFirstDataBase",
        collection: "users",
        "filter": { 
            "_id": userId,
        "update": {
            "$set": {[monthly_gas_bills]: outputObj },
         "options": {arrayFilters: {"elem.date": requestDate}

I get an error that simply says: “Invalid parameter(s) specified: options”. I also can not put it in the update object, it does not detect it

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