Possbile REALM Capacity issue?

Good day.
I’m reaching out as I’m a tad frustrated trying to understand what’s happening.
I have a REALM sync app. Pretty simple, locations have a partion they sync to and that seemed to work ok minust some math issues I have to work on.

Admitedly I made a few code changes as I hacked away, but nothing new I put out syncs. I can see all the local data it writes, but what is should have is ALL it’s partiion data which it no longer does.

So, in the local REALM I can see all their entries but it never syncs to the entire partition and the entries for the specific location just sit there on the local system. Meaning they never get to Atlas anymore? Suddenly?

I don’t seem to use a whole log of data and fall under my $9 testging subscription. However I’m not sure as Mongo people have been messing with my account for various reasons (Tried to buy consulting) and I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

I did some sniffing and there was a post about resetting/pausing sync and re-enabling it. Which I did and at first ONE of the locations DID sync, but the others did not. Just writting to the local REALM and no sync.

Anywho, if anyone has a clue on stepps to resolve this that’d be amazing!!


Hi. Can you send a link to your app in the Atlas / Realm console? I can try to poke around a bit to see what might be going on. Also, if you could send me a link to a log for one of the sync connections you are making, that would be great.