Polymorphic Pattern Lab verification question

I worked my way through the lab and got a validation code and passed. However when I compare my answer to the given answer, the 2nd document differs from my answer and I was wondering if I’ve actually done it right? My answer shown below (I won’t post the official answer for the benefit of others)

  "_id": "< objectId >",
  "product_id": "< int >",
  "title": "< string >",
  "description": "< string >",
  "authors": ["< string >"],
  "publisher": "< string >",
  "language": "< string >",
  "pages": "< int >",
  "eformats": ["< string >"],
  "format": "< string >",
  "isbn10": "< string >"

I also got a validation code but it is not passing when I paste the code in. I can’t figure out what is wrong

Hi @Karl-Edward_23518

Sorry to hear you are encountering difficulties - can you share a little more details in a new post so that we can focus on your specific problem?

Kindest regards,

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