Please help me to recovery this cluster!

I have checked database and old database is disappeared.

I received as bellowing transfer mail.

Could you recovery my cluster for me, please ?

This cluster’s database is very important.

Your M0 free tier cluster, RealmCluster, has been idle for more than 60 days.

MongoDB Atlas will automatically pause this cluster in 7 days at 8:12 AM EDT on 2022/08/08 due to prolonged inactivity.

To prevent this cluster from being paused, initiate a connection to your cluster before 2022/08/08. View our documentation for instructions on how to connect to your cluster.

Above message is a headsup that your cluster will go to pause mode due to inactivity.This is normal
Are you on the right organization/project?
What does all clusters at top right show
Cluster cannot dissappear unless it is dropped