Performance Degradation After Adding Shard to Atlas Replica Set

I’m having difficulties with Atlas. Initially, I had a replica set PSS. However, after activating the shard, where another replica set PSS was added, the performance plummeted significantly. Could you help me identify what’s going on?

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Hello @leonardo_lima_peixoto, welcome to the MongoDB community!

In order to understand the issue observed better, could you please help me and provide a few details:

  1. What’s the MongoDB version you’re using?
  2. Which tier of Atlas Cluster are you using?
  3. Could you describe in more detail how are you testing the performance of the cluster?
  4. After migrating to a sharded cluster were you testing against a sharded collection?
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Hello @Matt_Panton, Thank you for the welcome! :smile:

  1. Our MongoDB version is 6.0.
  2. Currently, we are on the M60 tier.
  3. While we haven’t conducted performance testing, our scheduler service handles tasks with five instances. However, upon enabling shard, we need to increase for 100 instances to perform the same tasks.
  4. Notably, we’re not utilizing sharded collections at the moment.