PBM Agent Fail to Start on Shard Cluster Nodes

I have a MongoDB cluster with three config nodes and three shard nodes and work on pbm backup setup. I can start pbm-agent on config nodes but failed to start pbm-agent on shrad nodes with error.

2023/02/17 22:21:42 Exit: connect to PBM: create mongo connection: mongo ping: server selection error: server selection timeout, current topology: { Type: Unknown, Servers: [{ Addr: mongo-shard-node2-preprod.apps-nonprod.abc.com:27045, Type: RSGhost, Average RTT: 809758 }, ] }

Coudl some one hlease help if you met similar problem before? Thank you in advance!

Hi @Larry_Sun welcome to the community!

If by pbm-agent you mean Percona Backup Manager, then I’m afraid it’s not a MongoDB product, thus we cannot provide knowledge nor support for it.

I suggest you try contacting Percona Support for this product.

Best regards

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