Password/username not working

username: m001-student
password: m001-mongodbbasics

Ok , I can get connected now but I’m getting the following error message:
An error occurred while loading navigation: ‘not master and slaveOk=false’: It is recommended to change your read preference in the connection dialog to Primary Preferred or Secondary Preferred or provide a replica set name for a full topology connection.

I’ve tried changing "read preference " to both “Primary Preferred” and “Secondary Preferred” and I’m still getting the error messsage…

Never mind my bad, I forgot to include the “Cluster0-shard-0” :crazy_face:

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Hi David_42106,

Glad that you have it working.

For you and everyone else, if you are connecting to our Atlas cluster, the parameters are as follows:

Username: m001-student
Password: m001-mongodb-basics
Replica Set Name: Cluster0-shard-0
Read Preference: Primary Prefered