Passing score for the MongoDB DBA Exam?


I’m going for the DBA exam, I am wondering what the passing score is for the exam.
& what the passing score is out of

It is not supposed to be revealed as per our forum threads


I have written exam 1 time and failed. I read MongoDB documents 3 times and their videos. I am week in practical for indexes even though I know everything about indexes.
I don’t know where I am lacking.

Hi @Anil_Kumar4

Welcome to the MongoDB community,

I have not taking the DBA exam yet - but i will be next week.

Have you tried the MongoDB test exams out to see where any of your knowledge gaps are?
I’m using this along with the MongoDB Docs and a book called “MongoDB: The Definitive Guide” 3rd edition by Shannon Bradshaw, Eoin Brazil & Kristina Chodorow for reference.

And from reading a other post on here a other user used the similar path to get themselves certificated

It’s helping me to understand items of MongoDB better.

Hopefully this helps. and good luck with your re-take.



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