Pass/Fail Criteria

Hi all,

While I understand the rational for placing a due date to complete your courses, I think this is counterproductive. As a systems architect at my company, I am tremendously busy, and my biggest challenge is time. Consequently, I was not able to complete the course work by the cut-off date. I find it terribly frustrating that even though I went through the material and completed the course, that because I didn’t complete the course before your deadline, that your system indicates that I failed the course. I think this is ridiculous.


I am so sorry for your experience Integrion. We offer every month an offering, if anyone for some reason is unable to complete the course, they simply register for our next offering.
But our intention was never to create frustration and we are already in-progress for launching “Unlockable” courses.

If you want to attend the courses without deadlines, you can enroll for our On-Demand courses:
These courses will not be having deadlines.

Again, I am sorry for deadlines. But I am afraid I cannot help much. :frowning:



Thanks for your reply. For privacy reasons, I’d appreciate it if you’d please remove and not share my real name online. Please just use my registered nickname, Integrion, instead.


Done! :slight_smile: