Partition value is correct in Atlas, but missing in Realm Studio/Realm Swift

I have been using realm for the last few months, and things have been going well. However last week I wanted to debug why some data wasn’t saving as expected, and I began using Realm Studio to debug. That’s when I noticed that my partition field is no longer being filled out for records on my device/in Realm Studio.

When I check Atlas, however, the partition is properly set on all records.

Any new objects I create on iOS and save to realm no longer have their partition value set when I check in Realm Studio (but again, it is properly set in the Atlas fields.).

If I make a new record in Atlas manually using Compass, the partition field is properly set in Studio.

I do not specify the field in my schema definitions in swift by default, as I thought I did not have to. However I have tried adding it and am still faced with the same problem.

Is this something I should be worried about? It seems very odd that this would suddenly just start happening, and it makes me concerned that data is not properly being synced somehow.


Hi @Griffin_Meyer,

If you’ve a Support contract, I’d suggest you open a ticket, to go through a proper diagnosis of the issue.

If you haven’t, we may try to do it here, but please note that we may require data that aren’t meant to be visible in a public forum…

Can you please provide:

  • The app reference in App Services, i.e. either
    • ideally the app URL on Atlas, or
    • the schema you have on the backend, and the field you use as partition key
  • The class definition within your app, and whether they match what the portal give you as Data Models
  • A sample record you have on Atlas, and its equivalent you see in Realm Studio