Partition issue?

My latest issue as I slowly progress through the myriad red herring errors, and the vast complex of rules, partitions, and roles.

So I am still trying to update my Custom User Data and the new error is:

update not permitted for document with _id: 61039ca1be935e5d509afc30 : could not validate document: (root): _partition is required (root): name is required

Here is the output:

unctionError: update not permitted at <eval>:12:4(4)
  "serviceAction": "updateOne",
  "serviceName": "mongodb-atlas",
  "serviceType": "mongodb-atlas"
  "arguments": [
      "database": "AltoProDev0",
      "collection": "User",
      "query": {
        "_id": "61039ca1be935e5d509afc30"
      "update": {
        "firstName": "cerulean",
        "title": "boss",
        "phone": "8888888888",
        "lastName": "last"
      "upsert": false
  "name": "updateOne",
  "service": "mongodb-atlas"
Function Call Location:
Compute Used:
12794510 bytes•ms
Remote IP Address:
Rule Performance Metrics:
  "AltoProDev0.User": {
    "roles": {
      "sync": {
        "matching_documents": 0,
        "evaluated_fields": 0,
        "discarded_fields": 0
    "no_matching_role": 0

What am I missing?

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