Parse server minimum version required for MongoSB v4.0, 4.2, 4.4

Hello, I am new to NoSQL. We use Parse Server and needed to know the minimum version required MongoDB v4.0, v4.2 and v4.4.

Please help! Thank you.

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Harshal_Karande!

The Parse Server README and Parse Server Guide include more information on compatible software versions and prerequisites. Please reference MongoDB Compatibility in the README.

The Parse Server maintainers are aiming to keep up with the latest supported versions of MongoDB server, so any of your suggested MongoDB server versions are an option with the latest verson of Parse Server:

Parse Server is continuously tested with the most recent releases of MongoDB to ensure compatibility. We follow the MongoDB support schedule and only test against versions that are officially supported and have not reached their end-of-life date.

If you are starting a new project/deployment, I would use the most recent production version of MongoDB (currently 4.4) so you have the latest features & improvements. MongoDB 4.4 (released Sept, 2020) has been out for about six months now so should be a solid starting point.


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