Paging Ticket not working properly

Hi guys. I have a probleme with the Paging ticket. My code is
public List getMoviesByGenre(String sortKey, int limit, int skip, String… genres) {
Bson castFilter =“genres”, genres);
Bson sort = Sorts.descending(sortKey);
List movies = new ArrayList<>();
return movies;
I pass all the tests from but there is no way to receive the validation code as I receive only: “Paging: Did not receive the proper response when paging by cast”
Any suggestion is welcomed

Once I have finished the “User preferences” ticket I was able to get the code.

Hi, You are right there seems to be a problem with this code because I can also pass the tests but the validation at the status page fails.

I find it a bit strange that the assignment says: "You may have noticed a message stating “paging not implemented” when scrolling to the bottom of the page." I never got this message. Could someone help us?

Hi gays, I have the same problem, the code pass the test but I cannot get the validation code in status page. I don’t know why.

Hi @Laurentiu_Nicolae_1980 @leo_46373 @Daniel_57690,

Please share the error messages from your command line console after you refresh status page so that we can debug for the issue. If there is a difference between unit tests and integration test which is missed by is, we will update the changes.
Looking forward for a response.


Good day and thank you for your response.
Sorry for the confusion, in the status page the error message is: “Paging: Did not receive the proper response when paging by cast”

I n the status page the error message is: “Paging: Did not receive the proper response when paging by cast”. (I get the error message )

In MovieDao.getMoviesByCast() ->

update the sort to descending instead of ascending.

Bson sort = Sorts.descending(sortKey);


I don’t understand. I use sorts.descending and I pass all the test , but I still get error message , could you please tell me the reason in details ? Thank you

I am using, as you can see in my original post, the Sorts.decending(sortKey) as well

Wait no, varun said you have to check the getmoviesbycast method for the sorts.descending(sortkey) not the getmoviesbygenres method. he seems to think there is the problem

It only appears if you filter by genre. In all the other filter methods this has already been implemented i believe.

Hi how are you? Im Leo, have you fix the error message ? I use the same code as yours and pass the test , but so far I still have the error message. Thank you

Hi, as I mentioned in my update, I have solved this in the following way: after I have solved the “User preferences ticket” I was able to also obtain the completion code for “Paging” Ticket

thank you, I will try it

My solution is not a solution as you ca see, I guess is just dumb luck

so what is the reason?