Overview: Server Diagnostic Tools installing tools

tutorial doesnt describe exactly how to install these tools

WHERE do i specifically download this script to?
HOW specifically do i run this script
WHERE do i specfically run this script from

thank you

Hi @getemerson

In the latest version of MongoDB (4.4 or later) these tools require a separate installation. The documentation page for these tools is available on this link.

The specific installation instructions for these tools for MongoDB 4.4 or later is available on this link.

If you are running a version of MongoDB earlier than 4.4, these tools are included/bundled with your installation of MongoDB. For earlier versions of MongoDB you can refer to the manual for the specific MongoDB version, for MongoDB 4.2 here’s the link.

These tools should be run from your command line or terminal environment, the documentation pages for each tool will give you examples on how you can use them and where they are located for your particular OS.

Hope this helps!

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great response

ill follow those links

thank you Eoin.