Overall Feedback

Chapter 2 & 3 were a lot better than chapter one, but still this course would not feel complete w/o additionally reading the documentation.
Definitions are rarely mentioned clearly, some things not really explained and the course seems to be mixed together from other video material (e.g., the “wiredTiger” options showed in the conf but were never mentioned, not even in the sense that they are not part of the course).

All in all this course has some potential for improvement, but thx for offering it for free, nonetheless.

Hi @Christoph_Klingl,

Thanks for sharing the feedback. There are plans for revamping this course in future and we will definitely keep your feedback in mind. cc @mattjavaly


Thx for your reply and pls. excuse my harsh words - after all, I am German. :wink:

Since you put Matt cc, I also wanted to add, that he got a lot better in Ch 2&3 as well. (Thx for your vids, Matt!) But I just got the feeling, that Matt is technically so capable, that he sometimes doesn’t see the obstacle for a beginner. I have these type of colleagues. They solve problems in no time, but got issues with documenting it, because all is really “so easy”. Theras the M001 tutor obviously got a background in teaching, which surely helped her.