Output Database contents from MongoDB atlas to website for global use

Hi there. I am currently using MongoDB to store my information that is typed into a page from my website https://www.student-mania.com/query. From here the user inputs info and when they click the button it should send to the https://www.student-mania.com/forumPage to show it outputted to the screen but my team has only got this working on local hosting and our aim is to have it working for use 24/7 globally without running on just localhost. We are hosting our site using AWS amplify and we have tried to use AWS elastic beanstalk and other methods to run globally for anyone to use but keep hitting a brick wall. We are unsure but have done some research on maybe changing the cluster from a free shared tier to a dedicated cluster but would like feedback to see if this will for sure work before committing. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated at this time. Thanks

Hi Jack, what type of error are you seeing?

You should be able to deploy this application through any number of application tier management paradigms. You should absolutely be able to use the MongoDB Atlas free tier as well.

If I had to guess, you are likely not opening up the Atlas IP access list and/or are potentially not using database authentication to connect to your Atlas cluster. Can you double check?