Other install methods for MongoDB

Hi Everyone

Watching the methods to install MongoDB on Mac seemed a little extensive and unsteady to me, having used the command line tools for Mongo before I had already installed them following these instructions:

Install Method for MongoDB on Mac

Can anyone give me reasons why this way would be a bad approach?

I am sorry I don’t understand your concern.

  1. If you are asking if following the instructions to install Mongo here is a bad approach, then NO. Instructions are fine.

Please let me know what is your concern.



Thanks for the reply.

I was asking if the alternative method I used for installing the command line tools had any negatives.

I have been using MongoDB for a while and saw the courses here and thought I would take them so already had it installed.

The method shown in the videos seems unnecessarily complicated so I wondered if the way I did it was wrong?

No, it was not wrong. :slight_smile: