Other courses and the change in cycles


Question 1
I see that the aggregation course has moved to 2 weeks per segment, even though the course page, still says 3 weeks overall. Mmmm it says 3 chapters … did it use to say 3 weeks or 3 chapters, mmmm I am beginning to doubt myself.

So I just looked at the other courses and M103 - Basic Cluster Administration and that says duration 3 weeks, not 3 chapters. However the time period for the course is the same as the M121. Is that on the same cycle, and we are getting 6 weeks per course?

If we are, then I can start the Basic Administration course and run them side by side.

Question 2
On the Mongodb university webpage, where I had ONLINE COURSES, I now get ON-DEMAND COURSES, is this because I clicked on the link from Mongodb from the MongoDB Europe conference?

I now see a page of ON-DEMAND courses.

How to I get it set back to how it looked previously.


M121 used to be a 3-weeks long course, but it looks like this has changed this round. I would suggest to enroll in the M103 if you have enough time, it looks like it has been extended as well.

I can see the online course catalog as usual…


José Carlos