OS for VM Box details


After downloading the Virtual Box and installation.

I had follow the following

  1. Checked the virtual box
    C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>vboxmanage --version
  2. Installed MinGW
  3. Install openssh and rsync from installation Manager
  4. Update path variable
  5. Test the ssh and rsync from cmd prompt. It’s working
    C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>vagrant --version
    Vagrant 2.2.5
  6. Download m103-vagrant-env.zip
  7. Extract under C:\Users\IN04232\m103\m103-vagrant-env (home)
  8. Execute vagrant up --provision

Now it’s looking for Virtual Box VMs

Do I need to install ubuntu or any other flavor of unix before setting up the Vagrant Environment ?



Hi @Kaushik_76938,

Can you please paste a screenshot so that we can understand the issue better?

Meanwhile, you may also try and upgrade your Windows powershell to the latest version.

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Hi Muskan,

PFA Three Screenshot

  1. Windows CMD screenshot
  2. Virtual Box screenshot
  3. Virtual Box Looking for VM Files

Prob2 Prob3

I am using windows 10 Enterprise edition (Installed in July 2019) with 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i5 6300U , 64 bit

Thanks & Regards

Hi @Kaushik_76938 ,

As per the lab instructions, can you please first bring up the vagrant environment and then provision it?

If you still face the issue, it may be caused by a permissions issue with VirtualBox. To fix this, completely shut down all VirtualBox machines and GUIs, wait a few seconds, then launch VirtualBox only with the access level you wish to use.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks it’s working now.

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