Order of stop/start mongo config, replica and mongos


There seems to be an order to starting and stopping mongo config, replica and mongos. Can you please advise what is the proper order? I have some sort of idea what based on what I see from the logs, but I want to get something official from the MongoDB Team.

Also, a bit disappointed there is no --shutdown option for mongos :frowning:

Hello Edwin_49627
Order i followed
1.Start 3 mongods
2.Start 3 config servers
3.Start mongos

As per mongo documentation
Shuts down the current mongod or mongos process cleanly and safely.

This operation fails when the current database is not the admin database.

This command provides a wrapper around the shutdown command.

Thanks, yeah need that wrapper to get them all into a script of sort. And sometimes the sequence of events fails to let me connect.