Hi, We have an on prem environment, with community edition and looking for monitoring tools.
Could you suggest which tool will be the best fit.

Hi @Chaitanya_Damarla1 and welcome to the community!
As free and official mongodb tools you can use mongostat or mongotop and use a number of administrative commands.

I leave you the following resource as a reference in the hope that it will be useful to you:

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I mean can we opt for cloud manager?

Hi @Chaitanya_Damarla1

Yes Cloud Manager can certainly do this. Ops Manager requires an Enterprise Advanced agreement but yes it does perform monitoring of clusters.

Other monitoring suites also supply MongoDB integrations.


Do we need any cloud providers for cloud manager? The environment we have is a sharded community edition 7.0

@Fabio_Ramohitaj Thanks for the quick response!

No cloud providers are required. Cloud Manager is essentially an Ops Manager hosted by MongoDB.

You will be able to use Cloud Manager for monitoring and automation. The agent prerequisites are linked below. Use the free trial and see if work for your use case.

If you purchase the Backup License Cloud Manager can also backup the clusters for all Enterprise features an EA Subscription is still required.


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