Ops Manager Lesson

I’m in the lesson of Ops Manager, there is any free version to try it and learn?


Hi @Zelmar_Michelini,

You can download Ops Manager and use it for evaluation and development purposes subject to the terms of the Customer Agreement.

In particular, clause 2(b) of the agreement states:

(b) Free Evaluation and Development. MongoDB grants you a royalty-free, nontransferable and nonexclusive license to use and reproduce the Software in your internal environment for evaluation and development purposes. You will not use the Software for any other purpose, including testing, quality assurance or production purposes without purchasing an Enterprise Advanced Subscription. We provide the free evaluation and development license of our Software on an “AS-IS” basis without any warranty.

Ops Manager Architecture is designed for managing large deployments, so there are quite a few moving parts to configure.

For a test set up I would follow the guide to Install a Simple Test Ops Manager Installation. This installs everything on a single host for evaluation purposes and does not include any of the normal failover or high availability configuration that would be expected for a production environment.


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Great! thanks a lot!

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