“Operation canceled” Realm Error Domain=io.realm.unknown Code=89

But the first time you create the Realm, you must be logged in with an admin user right? Otherwise you get an error that regular users can’t create realms at top-level path, don’t you?

We don’t ‘create the realm’ it ‘creates’ itself. Just like when you add a new Realm object in code - it’s model magically appears in your realm

@Jean-Baptiste_Beau That code looks correct to me - you should open a support ticket. What version of RealmJS are you using?

@Ian_Ward I’m using version 6.0.3 for RealmJS. For RealmSwift, I’m using latest version. I will file a support ticket.

I filed ticket #6493.

Following tech support people’s advice, I will migrate my app to MongoDB Realm, since the legacy infrastructure might be deprecated in a near future.

This question is thus no longer relevant in my situation and is bound to remain unanswered.

Many thanks to @Jay and @Ian_Ward for doing their best to help.