Online Archive - When is data copied over into archive?

Just a quick question: We tried out the new Online Archive beta feature today because we have a lot of existing data (basically read audits) that we want to move into cold storage.

The archive is created successfully and displays “Active” state. However, no data is transferred into it yet.
I chose an age limit of “1” days, which means that almost all data inside the collection should be archived.

Is that assumption correct?
When is the archival process taking place?


Hello Martin!

Thanks for bringing this up! That all looks correct to me. We would expect archiving to begin within 5 minutes and occur in intervals of up to 2GB of data being archived every 5 minutes until all data that matches the rule is archived. I don’t see any alerts, but it might be helpful to understand bit more about the workload if you can share? If you’d prefer please feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss (



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