On-Premise Mongo DB to Azure VM Mongo DB Migration.


I had a question that can we set up sync or replication between my on-prem MongoDB server and my azure VM MongoDB server.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Nimai_Ahluwalia

There are a few methods for live migration. See https://docs.atlas.mongodb.com/import

Live Migration and mongo-mirror will keep Atlas in sync until you are ready to cut over to Atlas.

Welcome to the MongoDB community @Nimai_Ahluwalia!

In order to suggest relevant migration options, can you please confirm:

  • what sort of deployments you have on-premise and on Azure (standalone, replica set, sharded cluster)
  • your specific version(s) of MongoDB server
  • the type of service you are running on Azure (self-managed, MongoDB Atlas, Cosmos DB)

The methods @chris has suggested are specifically for migration to MongoDB Atlas on Azure.


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Yup I did that thing and read Azure as Atlas. SMH.