Oauth 2.0 using WebGL and Realm End-point, is it possible?

Basically, is it possible to use a Application.OpenURL("https://id.twitch.tv/oauth2/authorize?response_type=token&client_id=" +ClientId + "&redirect_uri=http://localhost:3000/"+Scopes+ "&state=" +StateAuthorization); but replace the localhost with a realm url and simply “get” from that url on a separate webrequest?

So far, Twitch Authentication for WebGL by keolamation I managed to get it working “manually” but, I’m trying to see if its possible to automate that step by calling another void that will call a second Enum or something. I was thinking having a website where you have a url that can use the state auth to generate a unique url tag, that then holds the json that twitch sends it, as a empty body so, escape url is somewebsite.com/ +StateAuth then → httwebrequest.get(“somewebsite.com/” +stateAuth); and then you just parse the data right?

You could even put a header instead and have it

httwebrequest.get("somewebsite.com/")   www.SetRequestHeader("Authorization", bearer);
 www.SetRequestHeader("Client-Id", ClientId);

basically how the helix requests work… idk, could realm end-points do something like this? Haven’t read all the documentation tbh, I’m reserved incase I read it and get the sweet taste of disappointment. :stuck_out_tongue: