Null reference exception when using "insertManyAsync()".Net Driver

I am using Mongo Db .NetDriver . I am trying to insert bulk data to the db using “inserManyAsync()”
I am receiving the following Exception “Object Reference not set to instance of an object”.Please find the code below:

Iam getting the null reference when the method await _repo.RegisterMultipleDevice(devices); is called .Please let know what am I missing. Thanks



 public async Task<IActionResult> FileUpload(IFormFile file)
        if (file == null || file.Length == 0)
            return Content("Please upload  a file");

        using (var memoryStream = new MemoryStream())
            await file.CopyToAsync(memoryStream).ConfigureAwait(false);

            using (var package = new ExcelPackage(memoryStream))
                var worksheet = package.Workbook.Worksheets[1]; // Tip: To access the first worksheet, try index 1, not 0
              var retVal= saveExcelPackageToDB(package,worksheet);
              return Content(retVal.ToString());

    private async Task<string>  saveExcelPackageToDB(ExcelPackage package, ExcelWorksheet worksheet)
        var rowCount = worksheet.Dimension?.Rows;
        var colCount = worksheet.Dimension?.Columns;

        var sb = new StringBuilder();
        var d =new Device();
        var devices =new List<Device>();
        for(int row = 2; row <= rowCount.Value; row++)
             d.DeviceId=worksheet.Cells[row, 1].Value.ToString();
             d.DeviceSimpleName=worksheet.Cells[row, 2].Value.ToString();
             d.DeviceFriendlyName=worksheet.Cells[row, 3].Value.ToString();
             d.DeviceTimeZone=worksheet.Cells[row, 4].Value.ToString();
             d.DeviceFullTopic=worksheet.Cells[row, 5].Value.ToString();
            d.ModelNumber=worksheet.Cells[row, 6].Value.ToString();
            d.ManufacturerName=worksheet.Cells[row, 7].Value.ToString();
   await  _repo.RegisterMultipleDevice(devices);
        return "Saved Successfully";

Device Repository.cs

public async Task RegisterMultipleDevice(IEnumerable devices)

        await _dbContext.Devices.InsertManyAsync(devices);


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